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Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business

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  • Keep updated on group activities all within the Inbox
  • Create and manage groups easily
  • Gather all the related documents in OneDrive from the group
  • Access group conversation history smoothly even before you joined
  • Schedule quick meetings on a group calendar where everyone in the group can update
  • Distribution list
  • Real-time co-authoring
  • Stock analysis
  • Improvised grammar checker
  • Smarter and better office menu options
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Microsoft Office home and business 2016 suite is currently officially available for all professional and home users. The overall update of Microsoft’s Office includes a complete collaboration, leveraging the cloud, mobility, and integrating the real-time data and feedback and into the core Office applications.

With Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft has brought updates to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Access Project, Skype for Business, and Visio. Apart from updating the features, with this release of Microsoft Office, Microsoft mainly focuses on management, security, and interface changes for utilizing the office suite on various devices, including smartphones, computers, and other devices.

Some of the features that have been updated in Microsoft Office 2016 home & business include:

  1. Sway – Microsoft Office easily introduces Sway to the entire Office family. This software is a new way of creating amazing visual presentations. After that, you can easily share the presentation with your colleagues.
  2. Work together on documents – Now the Microsoft Office users can work on a single document with real-time updates. This is also known as co-authoring. The documents that are shared through OneDrive can be easily edited and altered by multiple users at a single time. Also, each user will have visibility on who is currently editing in Word, PowerPoint, & Excel.
  3. Simple File Sharing – Now you can quickly share files with the help of the new ‘Share’ button which you can find in the top right-hand corner of Word, PowerPoint, & Excel.
  4. Tell me – This is a new search functionality that gives users the ability for typing what they want to search and get the answer instantly (in Word, PowerPoint, & Excel)
  5. Version History improvements – For operating this feature, the users are required to click on the File option. Next, you need to go to the History option in order to view the previous versions of the edited document. Also, they can get the older versions restored.
  6. Insights – For accessing this feature, you need to Right-click on a word and choose the ‘Smart Lookup’ option. Next, utilize the Review tab or directly click on the “Tell Me” box for getting information from Wikipedia, Bing Snapshot, Oxford Dictionary, and Bing image search directly within the app that you are working in.
  7. New Office Theme sets – First go for choosing the ‘Colourful’ theme option or the ‘Black’ theme option, which is done by clicking on the File, then Options, and then the ‘General’ option.
  8. InfoPath – Currently, Infopath has been discarded from Microsoft Office 2016. However, you can use the Infopath 2013 and will be supported until April 2023.
  9. Ink Equations – The Ink Equations software is already available in the OneNote but now it can be utilized in Excel, Word, & PowerPoint; thus giving users the ability to write maths equations (which is called “inking” by Microsoft). After that, you can convert it to text format. Next, you go to the ‘Insert’ option, then click on the ‘Equation’ option, and lastly the ‘Ink Equation’.

Apart from all these features, Microsoft Office 2016 can be integrated with other apps that mainly include SAP, Uber, Salesforce, and DocuSign.

The main benefit of Microsoft Office 2016, has also provided an improvised User Interface for all the touch devices. Get the Microsoft Office 2016 home & business downloaded from the app stores right away.


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