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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

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Microsoft Windows 10 professional is the latest version of Windows 10 and it has the latest future of Windows 10 like – security, Device encryption, network protection, internet protection and parental control and it has the best feature like bitlocker device and function that you won’t find in any other Windows version.

The difference between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 home can be seen in its usage and other applications. So if you’re looking for a professional purpose then you should go with Windows 10 professional because it is particularly made for professional users. If you want to use the windows home version you can go for this one but it has less features than Windows professional version of Windows. So choose the version as per your needs. Both the versions have almost the same features but Windows professional has some extra features like bitlocker device encryption and Windows information protection.

New Tips and tricks in Windows 10 profession

Return to past activities in your timeline: If you want to go back your past timeline then just press windows logo key + tab button and find your past work

Snap apps side by side: Its snap feature is a very advanced feature and you can compare websites easily. Open the app to one side of your screen and wait for the outline then just let it go to snap it. Then open another app and you will find that it does come from the other site for the open side.

Focus assist: Turn on the focus assist mode on the window and hide all destruction while you work.

New look: Change your windows mode to light a dark so fast go to setting personalize colours choose your colour and select either light or dark mode.

Night light feature: If you don’t feel easy at night when you work on windows then simply turn on the night light mode that gives your eyes a better feel at night.


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