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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

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  • Easy to use navigational features like Jump List, Aero Shake, and Snap
  • Easy to connect to the network with or without a server.
  • Better window customization with amazing themes
  • Best PC entertainment experience
  • Flexible and faster windows XP mode
  • Easy to share and communicate
  • Run multiple programs in Windows XP mode
  • Secure connection with domain join
  • Implementation of framework
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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is one of the most powerful and versatile editions of Windows 7. It mainly combines various easy-to-use and remarkable entertainment features along with other business capabilities of Windows Professional. It has the ability to run various productivity programs in the Windows XP mode. For additional security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker To Go and BitLocker.

If you need you can also work in 35 implemented languages in the Windows XP mode. All these amazing features in Windows 7 Ultimate. It is available in the 64 Bit version and 32 Bit version. You can do your day-to-day job easier with improved desktop navigation and start the program easily and fast. All the best part is you can get easy access to all the recent documents that you have used in the latest. Pause, watch, record, rewind on your PC and run as many programs as you want. Also, you can easily create a better home network and connect your PC directly to a printer with the homegroup, you can also connect to the company network more secure early and easily with the domain join. The Windows 7 Ultimate also allows you to recover your data easily with auto backup to your home and business network.

Now, you can protect your data easily on your storage devices and PC and protect it from theft and loss via BitLocker software. With the Snap feature, you can use two windows side-by-side and manage two tasks simultaneously. With the Web Slice feature, you can keep up with frequent updates.

The MS windows 7 ultimate allows its users to get engaged in a better way. You can easily connect with the wireless setup and Home Group. Get the latest Microsoft Windows 7 ultimate 1 pc downloaded for your system today.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor
  • RAM: 2GB for the 64-bit Version
  • HDD: 20GBs of free storage
  • CPU: WDDM 1.0 or higher driver with DirectX 9 or higher


    • All new Libraries Cluttering has always been a problem for normal Windows users, where they had a hard time in arranging files. This ends with Libraries, which collects files and present them in a unified form. What makes Libraries unique is the physical space it comes with, which allows you to segregate files physically rather than by reference. There are four libraries supported in Windows 7: Music, Videos, Pictures and Documents. Furthermore, Libraries grant users a lot of control over it. You can decide the layout and look of the libraries, as well as their location. With the Arrangement features, you can arrange the files in any library according to its metadata; like name, date of creation, size etc. A new feature is the Search filter, which not only searches for file items, but also shows recent searches and auto-completes the file names you might want to search.
    • Impressive Start Menu The new Star menu comes as a breath of fresh air, keeping up with the amazing interface Windows 7 had promised. Thanks to Windows Aero, both the menu icon and menu itself has fade-in effects complimented by glass color. It still has a 2-column arrangement, but functionalities are changed for the good. The start menu retains the search field of Vista, but now comes with enhanced ability to search the control panel options quickly.
    • Taskbar Ever since its introduction in Windows 95, the Taskbar has been a much loved feature of Windows. In windows 7, it is revamped to be better than ever. Windows aero strikes again with its beautiful glass color, while the taskbar itself can be customized to match your requirements. The size could be controlled manually, although it is capable of adjusting according to screen size. The icons are more pleasing, and could be customized according to you.
    • Better device management More and more devices are getting plugged into the systems today, which make it essential to manage them efficiently. Windows 7 introduces two new features for this. “Devices and Printers” is a simpler alternative to Device Manager, and allows a casual user to control the pluggable devices with ease. “Device Stage” is a one-stop feature for managing all the functionalities and stats of externally connected devices.
    • Better mobility Windows 7 is perhaps the first OS to recognize the necessity to support mobility. As such, it comes with a multi-touch support for corresponding devices. Windows 7 also comes with a host of sensors, like accelerometer, location-based sensors and ambient light sensors. However, all the sensors can be manually enabled and disabled, depending on your need.
    • Enhanced Power management Hibernation option is improved in Windows 7 by giving you the option to decide the size of system hibernation. Keeping in mind the user requirements, the power management is more interactive. This includes giving the user complete stats about power usage, while giving notification in case the battery is need of replacement.


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