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Windows Server 2016 DataCenter

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  • Nano service feature
  • containers feature
  • REFS as the primary file system
  • Storage space direct
  • Storage replica
  • Hyper-v rolling upgrades
  • Hot memory and add NIC networking enhancement
  • PowerShell update
  • storage QOS update
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From Docker to Nano to software-defined storage and networking features in the next ultimate version of Windows Server 2016 datacenter is packed and loaded with additions. The nano server feature is one of the best that it works with the Windows Server 2016. Refactoring is the way toward dissecting a current code base with an eye toward rearrangements. Nano is the final product of Microsoft refactoring the center bits of Windows Server to its negligibly useful state. It’s so negligible, indeed, that it doesn’t have any immediate UI other than the new Emergency Management comfort. A Nano occurrence is overseen distantly utilizing Windows PowerShell, or different instruments, to incorporate the way toward adding new jobs.

The Resilient File System (ReFS) is another component that was presented with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Planned from the start to be more impervious to defilement than its archetype, ReFS welcomes numerous benefits to the NTFS on-circle design. Moving up to another working framework presents huge difficulties on numerous fronts. In past renditions of Windows Server, it was unrealistic to update a group without bringing it down. This can be a huge issue for creation frameworks, which ordinarily run consistently.

Past adaptations of Hyper-V didn’t permit you to add an organization interface or more memory to a running virtual machine. Since personal time is in every case terrible however change is at times acceptable, Microsoft presently permits you to make some basic machine design changes without taking the virtual machine disconnected. The two most significant changes include systems administration and memory.

PowerShell keeps on accepting updates with each new arrival of the working framework. Windows Server 2016 will see a critical number of new PowerShell cmdlets zeroed in on explicit usefulness. You can even utilize PowerShell orders to check each new delivery to see the distinctions.

With ample features, the Windows Server 2016 DataCenter is now utilized for various businesses. Download the software from app stores and activate windows server 2016 datacenter right away.


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