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Windows Server 2016 Standard

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  • Hyper-converged infrastructure
  • Storage spaces direct
  • Improvised access management for active directory
  • Better time accuracy
  • Nano server
  • Cluster rolling upgrade
  • Hyper v host can be availed with a license
  • Backup deduplication
  • Advanced bandwidth throttling
  • Network acceleration
  • Instant file recovery
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Windows Server is a kind of operating system (OS) that is created by Microsoft and is available in 8 different versions. The Microsoft server OS mainly consists of 33.5% global server operating system market. There are two editions of the Microsoft server including standard and datacentre. The Windows Server 2016 standard offers a powerful solution for backups. The functionality of this product allows perform various functions and keep a backup of your data while ensuring the consistency of applications and databases.

With the host of features, the Windows Server 2016 standard edition can assure you with the utmost data protection, offloading your network improvised backup performance and minimizing expenses. Windows Server 2016 standard version has features like Nano server which is a server operating system. It is mainly designed for data centers and private clouds with remote administration. The server is similar to the server core mode of the Windows Server though it has fewer requirements. The nano server can be utilized as the storage host for or the “Scale Out File Server” as in the “DNS server” and so on.

Another feature called storage space direct provides an ultimate way for creating scalable software-based storage unit solution which has basic features of traditional NAS or SAN. This type of technology mainly relies on the industry-standard servers along with the locally attached drive. It includes features like storage tiers, caching, and erasure coding. Lastly, the cluster rolling upgrade feature enables you to upgrade the OS of the cluster node without the requirement of stopping the Scale Out File Server or Hyper-V server workloads that are running on the nodes.

Download Windows Server 2016 standard edition today and operate your business functions smoothly and seamlessly.


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