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Windows Server 2019 DataCenter

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  • Basic functionality of Windows Server
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Integration with Azure
  • Hyper-V/OSEs (OS environments) containers
  • HGS (Host Guardian Service)
  • Host Guardian Hyper-V Support
  • Windows Server containers
  • Storage replica
  • Software-defined networking/storage
  • Shielded virtual machines (VMs)
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The Windows Server 2019 data center edition is meant for suiting the requirements of the highly virtualized cloud environment and data centers. It provides the functionality of Windows Server 2019 standard edition and is completely free of limits. You can create an endless number of virtual machines including one hyper-v host per license. The data center edition also supports an unlimited number of hyper-v and Windows containers. Along with that, there are few more basic features that are not available with either edition of Windows Server.

One of the most amazing features that are provided by the Windows server data center is the network controller. The network controller allows centralized infrastructure management and offers you various tools for configuring monitoring and troubleshooting the virtualized network environments in a digitized automated manner. Another feature that is offered by the windows data center version includes the host Guardian hyper-v support. It mainly allows the enterprise or the hoster to be aware of the host of hyper V in the fabric. Additionally, this feature can help in the management of the keys which are needed for starting up a shielded VM.

It’s significant that the Datacenter edition conveys usefulness for building a hyper-converged infrastructure. Until further notice, it is viewed as quite possibly the most practical and adaptable answer for making a product characterized data center. As a rule, the usefulness of a hyper-met foundation permits you to combine registering, stockpiling, and systems administration assets into one group, which is an approach to both improve execution and save costs.

Currently, the Windows server data center is regarded as one of the most amazing editions of the entire server operating system of the Microsoft family. When compared to the Microsoft standard edition, it offers the widest range of features and selection of tools with lowest limitations for a license. Also, choosing the Microsoft Windows server datacenter edition is reasonable if your infrastructure is big enough. Large infrastructure is required for utilizing the data centres editions functionality to the fullest. With its whole host of features, the windows server 2019 datacenter price is comparatively higher than the standard edition.


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